Since every company is different, we create individualized training programs that teach Axure while stressing best practices for your team.

As UX designers we use Axure every day.

We came together as a collective to teach each other and push each other to the highest level. We draw on each other’s strengths to achieve better practices as individuals. Together, we have created  training programs that cover all aspects of Axure. We address elements that seem hard and complex and break them down into simple steps.

We know that teams, like individuals are unique and have different work practices.

We modify this program based on your individual need. The size of your team and the type of work you do changes how you work. We consult with you to determine what is best for you and create the curriculum accordingly. Whether you need introductory training, or advanced training or training on a specific aspect we can help.


Here is a sample of our customized training courses:

  • Axure Bootcamp – introductory to advanced training, covering all aspects of Axure over two or four days.
  • Introduction to Axure – we get you prototyping in no time.
  • Advanced Axure – we teach you how to push your prototypes to the next level, covering advanced topics including conditionals, variables and sharing resources between projects and team members.
  • Axure for Mobile -whether you are designing an app or responsive site, we teach how to use Axure’s adaptive views, and output settings to create and view your prototypes on various platforms.
  • How to Incorporate Axure into Your Workflow – Axure is a tool that is used by product managers, ux designers and other team members. We cover how to incorporate the single Axure file into all of your design stages from creating journey maps, site flows, and wireframe/prototypes through to high definition stylized prototypes and documentation.
  • Axure for Lean UX –  The ultimate goal should be building a prototype fast and getting validation of your MVP.  Utilizing Axure you can easily go from concept to prototype within a few hours and put your idea into testing.