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Day One

Quick Introduction to Axure

  • Toolset and state overview
  • Setting up grids and guides
  • Setting up pages
  • Site maps
  • Previewing
  • Generating prototypes

Basic Widgets

  • Shapes
  • Buttons
  • Text
  • Styling
  • Aligning and positioning

Using Masters

  • When to use masters
  • Creating and placing masters in your prototype
  • Editing masters
  • Drop behaviors

Basic Interactions

  • Linking Pages Together
  • Using Show/Hide
  • Lightbox and Flyout Examples
  • Using Interaction Styles

Dynamic Panels

  • How to Use Dynamic Panels
  • Setting Up and Duplicating Panel States
  • Basic Interactions
  • How to Create Slide shows and Carousels

Form Elements

  • Text fields/ text areas
  • Drop lists/list boxes
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Styling
  • Putting together a form

Day Two

Conditions and Variables

  • Global Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Multiple Interaction Cases and If/else Statements
  • Carrying Input Data from One Page to Another

Page Options

  • Setting Up Page Styles
  • OnLoad and Other Page Interactions
  • How to Use Variables with OnLoad Events

Widget Libraries

  • Loading Libraries
  • Editing Libraries
  • Creating Custom Widget Libraries
  • Widgets with Interactions and Conditionals

Adaptive Views

  • Setting Up Breakpoints
  • Best Practices for Responsive Design
  • Exporting Specific Views

Repeater Widget

  • Creating and Managing a Dataset
  • Importing Data from a Spreadsheet
  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Setting Up Pagination
  • Grids and Spacing

Axure Rapid Prototyping Two-Day Workshop by AB Collective

Our bootcamp has been updated with exciting new features of Axure 8!

You’ve seen Axure in tons of ads for UX positions. You’ve heard it helps some of the best designers to craft world-class experiences, down to the micro-interactions.

It’s time to learn Axure, and learn it right.

By Monday, you’ll be rapid prototyping and iterating yourself, and have more powerful ways to communicate your ideas to stakeholders.

We’ll take you through everything from the basics to advanced techniques in one weekend. Best practices will be stressed throughout, teaching good habits, time-saving tips, and tricks to enhance your workflow and deliverables.

You’ll learn via “real life” examples in a project tutorial format: By the end of the course, you’ll complete an advanced prototype of an ecommerce website. You’ll get a tutorial document for taking notes and referring back to later in your own projects. Later you can also use the official completed project Axure file to investigate how something was built, learn from it, and reuse elements.

Two Full Days of Working Hands-on with Axure Professionals

To insure the material is fully covered and each of you get the attention you deserve, our dedicated team will provide a project file for you to work on for this two-day workshop. This is unique compared to other workshops and shows our continuing dedication to provide the best learning experience possible.

The instructors are approved Axure trainers Beth Wegner, Patricia Bellantoni and Paul Lumsdaine.

AB Collective is one of only four preferred Axure trainers in the United States.

Instructors: Beth Wegner, Patricia Bellantoni, Paul Lumsdaine

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