We are all ux designers and Axure experts who share a passion for teaching.

Having met through various teaching engagements and design projects -and highly respect each others’ work- we decided to collaborate on how to best teach Axure and UX Principles. Thus AB Collective was born.

As a collective, we are all leaders and we all push each other for excellence.

We jointly developed our course curriculums and individual training programs and we continue to consult each other on independent projects, ensuring that you are getting the best training and design for your specific needs. You will likely get more than one of us, or all of us working on your training or project whether behind the scenes or in front of the classroom.

We all work in both lean start up environments as well as enterprise companies, where we lead design standards and ux projects.


In addition to our passion for design and teaching, we share the value of giving back to our community. For every 100 hours that we bill, we donate 5 hours of our time back to the community, whether it is teaching at inner city schools, working with homeless shelters, or participating in beach clean ups, we give our time.

Why Axure?

While we use various tools in our design careers, we independently landed on Axure as our primary tool because it offers flexibility, high definition, and rapid prototyping with asset sharing capabilities and version control.


Paul Lumsdaine

Paul Lumsdaine - UX Designer and Axure Trainer Paul works with large scale enterprise companies to invigorate user experience teams in companies such as Cisco Systems and Pepperdine University. He currently works for Ness Technologies on large scale applications for the financial sector. He is also the founder and owner of a web design and development company called Lab Coat Media.

Beth Wegner

Beth WegnerBeth has been been designing user focused interactions since 1997. She has designed for startups, agencies and enterprise companies alike. As well as designing, she now consults on the development of tools and processes for designers in enterprise companies. She has been instrumental in changing the way design teams work, introducing rapid prototyping processes and providing custom Axure training.  Beth trains on site and remotely, and continues working on design projects both because she has a passion for design thinking, and because it keeps her understanding designers immediate needs.

Patricia Bellantoni

Patricia BellantoniPatricia is a usability fanatic who has been improving digital experiences and training people in software and design for almost two decades. Now a senior user experience designer, she has pioneered ways to improve process, collaboration, and cross-channel consistency at both international corporations and tiny startups. She has helped organizations adopt prototyping, usability testing, and other proven UX and Lean/Agile methods, and served as mentor for the Cornell UX Design Club. Patricia is known for pushing herself and her organization to do better things and to do things better, but always with her signature “contagious enthusiasm.”

Hannah Galloway

Hannah is a seasoned user experience design professional, specializing in complex problem solving, visioning, strategy and discipline leadership. With a comprehensive background in design agencies, enterprise software and financial services, Hannah’s expertise includes: User Experience Strategy & Design • Team Building & Leadership • Consulting • Facilitation • Visioning • Enterprise UX • User Research • Personas • UX & CX Analysis • Lean UX • Agile • Participatory & Scenario Driven Design • Journey Mapping • Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5)